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What is ABC?

What is ABC?

Due to their operating guidelines, many of the NGO’s we would have expected to see helping Refugees in Europe have found it difficult to respond and react quickly to the situation.  So in September 2015 a group of committed volunteers from Bristol set up Aid Box Convoy (ABC) whose sole aim is to provide humanitarian relief direct to Refugees.

Our first convoy left in October 2015 headed to Grande-Synthe on the north coast of France. Known as “the forgotten camp” we found hundreds of people including families and children living in squalid conditions with very little food or shelter. Our Immediate focus quickly became keeping them alive though the winter months.

Aid Box Convoy (ABC) grew at lightening pace mobilising support from all over the world and have to date distributed thousands of Aid Box’s containing essential food and survival equipment, built shelters and kitchens in refugee camps, mobilised organised volunteers on the ground and funded medical teams to help treat everything from measles to child birth.

What we do at ABC

  • Fundraise – we need funding for Aid Box’s, survival equipment, shelters, medical aid and getting skilled volunteers to refugee camps
  • Collect aid – we build our own Aid box’s and collect specific equipment and clothes which are in short supply. ABC have been donated a storage facility in Bristol where a team of volunteers assemble donations and manage distribution
  • Refugees in the UK – we help them settle, find accommodation and find meaningful work when they have been granted asylum
  • One of our most important contributions is simply to listen, share love, our time and try that ensure everyone we work with feels valued

To donate money, please go to our Fundsurfer page.  (For large donations above £1000 please contact us directly.)

For information about aid collection, please refer to our Aid Donations page.

For information about distributing aid, please refer to our Aid Distribution page

Please refer to the Get Involved page on this site for more information about the roles and responsibilities of ABC